Teachers "Cartas com Ciência"

They make our project and mission a reality.



Káthia Almeida

Natural Sciences and Earth and Life Sciences Teacher

at  Complexo Escolar Infância Feliz

Cabo Verde

"To boost scientific activities, promote the exchange of experiences and intra/inter-school interdisciplinarity. Love of education and allowing our students to increase their study and knowledge of sciences in an interactive way."



Teresa Cunha

Natural Sciences and Biology-Geology

Teacher at the Portuguese School of Dili


"Students learn about the discoveries of science and the lives of scientists, but often these stories seem remote because they are not part of everyday life. The opportunity to 'exchange conversations' with scientists is very interesting for these students, besides being a unique way to value the Portuguese language in the development and dissemination of science around the world."

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Marlene José

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Portuguese Teacher

at the Secondary Basic School of Trindade

São Tomé and Príncipe

"Inspiring young people to pursue a higher education career is, today, also to encourage them to think critically and to become more involved in their future decisions as people and as professionals. For this reason, Cartas com Ciência immediately struck me as  a very interesting mission and challenge."

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Yuri Bumba (Kalú)

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Capoeira Teacher

at Associação Tira-me da Rua


"An excellent opportunity to expand students' horizons and explore new concepts, opening frontiers and breaking barriers. A beautiful project that can open doors that we would never think they existed."